Rapidly Deploy Employee Contact Tracing Programs With HCM

Posted by onepoint-admin on Jul 23, 2020 2:13:41 PM

What is Contact Tracing?

According to the CDC Contact Tracing is a key strategy in preventing the further spread of Covid-19. It is the way to identify and notify anyone that may have come into contact with afflicted employee(s). It is comprised of three components per the World Health Organization:

  • Contact Identification
  • Contact Listing
  • Contact Follow up


Contact Tracing is to limit your employees' potential exposure to a contagion (like COVID-19) by understanding who they come in contact with while at a business location. This is especially relevant to essential employees, and employees with job positions that don’t have the option of working remotely. They still need to be protected, and contact tracing is a tool for organizations to manage risk as more employees return and customers come back onsite.


OnePoint Detailed Hours Report

We have the ability to use existing reports that track employee time data within our platform and use this data to isolate any exposure or risk related to a COVID positive employee and determine other employees that might be impacted.

In the time and attendance module you have access to the detailed hours report. This report contains data points for each employee to identify the day, times and cost center/location of the afflicted employee.  See here for the Contact Tracing Setup Guide on how to set up the report to show anyone who was also working at the same time and location as the afflicted employees.

OnePoint HCM Contact Tracing Detailed Hours Report


Leverage Existing Tools to Deploy A Contact Tracing Program

As many organizations are focusing on their contact tracing process, it is important to research and leverage any existing insights that can be gained using existing workforce management suites. Avoiding yet another point system and manual processes for capture and reporting can make the process less costly. Plus businesses can deploy contact tracing processes quickly to meet employee safety expectations more rapidly. With OnePoint time and labor you have access to the following benefits

  • Capture data from clock in/clock out processes provides a strong set of baseline data on employee activity and location
  • This framework can be expanded beyond hourly workers to also include salaried employees
  • Avoid the expense of adding another system or app
  • Be able to deploy contact tracing to meet employee safety expectation faster


Harnessing HCM technology and automation to align with workforce safety procedures like contact tracing makes determining exposure a simpler effort and helps speed up organizations' reaction time in addressing exposure risk.

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