3 Tips To Overcoming Talent Acquisition Challenges

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Do you have the right strategy and tools in place to attract quality employees?


Recruitment trends reportA good economy is good for employers, but it has a downside—the decreased supply of skilled and talented labor. The lower the unemployment rate, the harder it is for businesses to attract talent. To compete for workers employers need flexible tools that automate the recruitment process.  To get ahead HR and Recruiters need to post jobs fast, across multiple job boards and provide an online application experience to applicants.

Did you know?

Reports by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) indicate that:

- Direct replacement costs of an employee can reach as high as 50% - 60% of his or her annual salary, and total costs associated with turnover ranging from 90% - 200% of their annual salary

- 500,000 managers embark on new roles annually.

- 1/2 of all outside senior hires are no longer in that position after 18 months.

- 1/2 of all wage workers go on to other opportunities after four months.

- Smaller organizations reported cost-per-hire of $3,078.

Here are 3 Tips for Recruiting and Talent Acquisition:


Forecast and Plan Effectively

The most effective HR leaders meet with top executives and are well positioned to tailor their recruitment processes to the organization’s strategic development goals. Knowing where the company is going strengthens the ability of the human resource leader’s power to allocate resources toward sustained company growth.


Work on the company’s image

When recruiting new employees, it is important to get to know the candidate well enough to determine the individual's fit with the company’s culture from the start. The job post is where the employee experience begins so automated application processes with confirmation and updates provides a professional experience to your applicants. It is important that potential candidates connect with the company image in a real and personal way.


Automation to drive down recruitment costs

It is critical for HR departments to improve their recruiting processes and provide candidates with an automated application process and tools to speed the interview and decision making process.  Efficient recruiting and applicant tracking Integrates all candidate and manager touch points speeding resume review and interview assessments.


How OnePointHCM Can Help:

OnePoint Recruitment is an enterprise-level technology solutions streamlines the recruitment process with automated hiring tools and integrated reporting designed to help you keep track of applicants and select the most suitable candidates faster.

Our total recruitment and onboarding solution brings together robust job board integration, online application submission, automated applicant tracking and workflows to efficiently, and cost effectively, staff your organization with the best people for the job.

Job Board Integration

Applicant Tracking

Notifications & Reports


Automatically post your all open job requisitions to a searchable job list on your careers webpage, and automatically push and manage active job requisition links to LinkedIn and thousands of job boards to reach desirable candidates locally or nationwide

Provide your applicants with an online portal to submit profiles, resumes, certifications and experience. Customizable application forms identify the most qualified candidates for hiring managers.

Gain visibility into the  interview process and automate internal handoffs and reminders with email and system alerts. Decreasing time needed for interview stage increases the chance to hire the most qualified candidates.

Transitioning from applicant to new hire is the switch of a status field. The applicant profile information is already in the ATS so it flows seamlessly to HRIS kicking off your pre-configured “pre-hire checklist” able to be completed via self-service.

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