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Posted by onepoint-admin on Jul 19, 2017 10:01:59 PM

Does your organization have the tools to produce engaged and productive employees? 

This is the first time in history where 5 generations of employees are working together.  Savvy organizations will consider human capital management strategies that allow them to manage the strengths, weaknesses, needs, and personalities of all employees, no matter which generation they are a part of, to elicit the best performance and results.

Human capital management solutions can help HR professionals translate strategy into action.  By providing automated processes, optimizing communications, and access to real-time analytical insights HCM solutions can help you meet the challenges of managing multiple generations.

Workplace Flexibility

The cost of doing business is going up and HR leaders are harnessing technology to boost employee productivity no matter the generational group.  Employees want to maximize the time they focus on core business tasks no matter if they are working at home or at the office.

Utilizing a single HCM infrastructure provides flexibility for workers to work in different locations, but still allows managers to determine what their employees are working on and when they’re working.  Workplace flexibility can boost morale but still have the visibility to manage productivity and performance.

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Optimize Communication

One of the keys to successful management is recognizing that people consume information differently. Knowing how to communicate effectively with an employee is a valuable management tool and even more critical with a multigenerational workforce.

The most effective technology solutions should offer a variety of different options to facilitate manager’s communication in the way that best meets the employees’ needs. Email, text messages, on-screen alerts, voice mail, and even face-to-face communication all play a role in keeping employees updated on important company information, as well as receiving notifications around work schedules, time-off requests, pay history, and hours worked.

Boost Employee Engagement

With 5 generations in the workforce, producing engaged employees is a complex task. While previous generations of workers tended to value company loyalty and place a strong focus on developing their careers, Millennials are increasingly seeking meaningful work that they can balance with their personal lives.

For managers, recognizing the difference in values and attitudes is important producing a positive work environment that balances employee needs with business requirements. Human capital management technology that includes self-scheduling, self-service, multi-device delivery and mobile ready allows managers to communicate more effectively with employees based on their preferences.

HCM solutions like OnePoint provide the tools to facilitate and document employee communication and success in one unified system. Managers and employees have immediate and real-time visibility into their daily tasks and performance. Having an easy way to review projects and performance provides more opportunity for coaching and employee empowerment that increases employee satisfaction.

Access to Insights/Reporting

In this complex work environment, managers need real-time visibility into their workforce. HCM solutions need provide reporting and analytics so manager can gain actionable insights into the workforce to measure what employees are doing, when and tie to performance (personal and organizational). By understanding what’s happening and why, managers can engage employees more effectively, identify patterns, implement corrective action, all while ensuring consistency and fairness in policy enforcement.


With five generations working side by side, now is the time for organizations to build strong managers who can effectively manage employees, regardless of where they are in their careers. OnePoint HCM solutions deliver a unified HCM platform to implement a  successful HCM strategy for a multigenerational workplace.

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