Great Enhancements in Software Release 74 Simplify Daily Tasks

Posted by onepoint-admin on Apr 8, 2021 1:59:17 PM

OnePoint software release R74 (April 2021) has many new enhancements and features. In particular there are two exciting new features that make the system more engaging to employees and provides some great time-saving enhancements for administrators.  Check out the release highlights and watch our release readiness video to see it all in action.



**NEW Feature - The Company Hub:

Delivering consistent and effective employee communication is a common goal of many organizations.  But many times intranets are ignored by employees, and the HR self-service portal lacks the bells and whistles to engage.  In R74 we have bring the intranet into the Employe self-service experience with a new feature called OnePoint, Company Hub.  


OnePoint Company Hub Intranet


What is Company Hub?

Company Hub is like an intranet within OnePoint where administrators can create a customized and branded content experience that can improve communication and build culture within the self service portal.  Company Hub is a dashboard layout in OnePoint that hosts content to address the specific needs of the company and communicate a wide range of relevant information.  

You can customize multiple tabs and add up to 20 widgets per tab.  In the Hub organize your layout and post all kinds of content.   Add company announcements, YouTube videos, links to company news, training videos, social media feeds, a map of office locations, and more.  Your company hub can also include important files and HR policies and provide links for employees to navigate to their to-do items.  For example when you post an announcement that open enrollment is starting, you can provide the link to the employee enrollment start screen so they can start the process.


Not sure how to get started? Use one of the quick-start template formats as a jumping-off point to designing your own Company Hub.


**NEW Feature - Recruitment Workspace

The recruitment workspace is a brand-new feature for recruiters.  It is a complete redesign of the applicant tracking system.  The goal of the Recruitment Workspace is to provide recruiters one place showing all the day-to-day tasks, instead of navigating to different pages and menus in the previous experience.  

In a job requisition you’ll notice several enhancements to the layout.  The first change you will notice is the Job Requisition statistics bar gives recruiters a quick view of the job, days open, total number of applicants and newer applicants that need to be reviewed.  

We have also incorporated the new “Jump To” menu (Left) and “Quick Actions” Menu (right) into the recruitment module experience.  Each one of these two side menus can be expanded or popped out over the screen.  These new menus make it easier for administrators to create and manage their jobs and applicant tasks in one place without having to go to different screens.  The experience is also streamlined for hiring managers to see their open requisitions, review applications and open resumes in one place.

This new recruitment workspace will help administrators be more efficient and be able to get everything done within the workspace. It also works on both her desktop application and her mobile device! 


OnePoint HCM New Recruitment Workspace

More info: The Recruitment Workspace is available in April as a feature toggle. In the June 2021 release (R75), the toggle will be removed and the recruitment workspace will be fully implemented. 


More Enhancements to the New Time Sheet Experience

Since the release of the new time sheet experience in R72, we have continued to make enhancements to improve the way the time sheet looks and functions.  The time sheet is basically the same but R74 there are some nice new features that provide a more intuitive timesheet experienc

  • Total hours - The daily totals sum is now moved to the bottom of the daily time totals.  This is simply for ease of use having the totals calculate at the bottom of the day.
  • Collapse/Expand per Day - Each day on the timesheet can be expanded or collapsed.  This makes the timesheet easier to navigate by being able to hide the data for days that you don’t need to review/see.
  • Timesheet edit - there is a new timesheet interaction icon on the left that allows supervisors or HR delete, split time allocations or managing exceptions for each line of the timesheet.  The plus icon lets you add, the ellipsis let you edit the line you are on and the trash can icon lets you delete.
  • Timesheet profile - The timesheet is now configurable to let you select the time sheet statistics you want to display at the top of the time sheet.  You can also control the layout of time sheet columns to and organize your time data in whatever way makes the most sense to your organization.  


Advanced Scheduler - Shift Swap Enhancement

This new enhancement in the Advanced Scheduler makes it really easy for managers to  swap shifts while building the schedule.  You can select two shifts on the schedule and use the swap shift control button to initiate that change.  The great thing is that all the job constraint rules will run in the background and if there is constraint violation the manager or supervisor will be notified that the swap can’t be completed.


Please reference the full R74 Release Notes for all of the platform enhancements and reference the  Release Highlight video to see these 4 updates in action.



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