HCM Supports Efficient & Compliant Involuntary Terminations

Posted by onepoint-admin on Oct 29, 2019 9:29:44 AM

The decision to terminate an employee can be a difficult situation, but sometimes the only reasonable answer for your organization. Of course having properly documented the events and circumstances leading to the involuntary termination is very important to protect the company. HCM systems allow companies to document performance, warnings, investigations, performance improvement plans (PIPs) to support a termination decision.

Regardless of the events and circumstances, the involuntary termination procedures can be challenging due to high level of sensitivity and timeliness to complete. Most HR professionals are familiar with some steps that are needed. A clear process to illustrate each step, like a termination checklist, is helpful to outline required steps and timing as well as partnerships with other departments to avoid potentially costly errors.

Put your OnePoint HCM to work for you! Our system is flexible to allow for custom configured checklist and workflows related to the involuntary termination procedure. Using a checklist is ideal, as they can be simplistic or as complex as necessary. OnePoint features that can be used to support involuntary terminations include:

  • HR Action - initiate a termination
  • Workflow - initial workflow to kick off preparation for termination and coordination
  • Notification - email triggered to Recruiter of term and replacement needed (Request for job req posting)
  • Checklist - Notification and duties checklist to individuals involved in term process containing what they need to do and when.
  • Custom Forms - electronic for completion by HR with download and print capability
  • Checklist - for HR to walk through each step they need to perform with reminders.
  • Termination workflow - to formally term the EE in the HRIS and locking their account.
  • User Provisioning - automatically deactivate user accounts on other business systems or cloud platform
  • Notifications and To-Do items - Program reminders to management to address their team and communicate the Announcement of Termination andany re-assignment of responsibilities and replacement intent.


Beyond the process the OnePoint platform utilizes data integrations and partnerships that react immediately to an involuntary termination procedure.   These automated triggers can be very helpful for HR and other departments like IT to make sure nothing is missed.  Here ares some other ways a modern HCM solutions can protect the company.

  • Automation of forms - Paycheck acknowledgement, attestation clause for hours worked and meals/breaks.
  • Final Paycheck - Involuntary Some states require pay at time of termination including Vacation or PTO accrued.
  • COBRA - Initiate COBRA communications automatically and full turn key COBRA administration solutions that takes care of the interactions with the terminated employee.
  • Data Security - User provisioning capabilities through our API automatically deactivates user account when the employee status is changed to “terminated” cutting terminated employees from critical data systems.
  • Disconnecting Benefit Plans - Using our carrier connections benefit plans are deactivated immediately stopping premium contributions and unnecessary premium “leaks”.
  • Unemployment Insurance Claims - Complete turnkey unemployment claims service giving you access to skilled unemployment law experts who can respond quickly and help reduce your claims costs.


Unified HCM platform like OnePoint streamline processes and provide confidence that even an unpleasant involuntary termination will run smoothly and compliant.


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