Identifying Essential Critical Infrastructure During COVID-19

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California's governor issued a "Stay at Home” order late March, 19, 2020. The new order is essentially a similar order to what has been issued by numerous counties and cities, but it is a statewide order for California.

The order is a bit confusing in that it cites the CISA Federal list of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers as being exempt, as are their employers, and then goes on to provide a short list of example infrastructure and businesses that can remain open, which seemingly contradicts the CISA list.

The reality is that every business that fits into the CISA categories, with exception to those specifically excluded in the governor's order, or local government orders, may stay open and are encouraged to do so because they are critical to a normally functioning society. Businesses that remain open are asked to maintain social distancing practices, as recommended by the CDC. Interestingly, the CISA category "Commercial Facilities" includes many types of businesses which do not fit the more narrow descriptions of other categories. Please reference the CISA list and your state and local government orders to determine how your business is impacted.  


Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers may report to work, and employers can continue to operate with the exceptions only being those specifically mentioned on the governor's order, or by your local government. As an alternative to layoffs and to preserve your investment and keep your employees working, the employer or employees may seek wage replacement assistance in the form of partial unemployment insurance if their hours or salary has been reduced. The links below contain information related to California Unemployment, Sick and Time Off use, Leave, and Tax policy changes and deadline extensions that may be beneficial to your business and your employees. Additionally we will provide information in a separate email and blog post related to the recently passed Families First Coronavirus Response Act.


What's open?

Many businesses and infrastructure services remain open. Please reference the CISA list and your State, County and/or City government websites for exclusions and limitations to the CISA list.


CISA Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers

identifying critical infrastructure during covid-19

Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce: Ensuring Community and National Resilience in COVID-19 Response

California Governor's Stay Home Order

Please reference your state website if outside of CA

Stay home except for essential needs - Coronavirus COVID-19 Response

CA Public Health Officer - Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers


What’s closed?

Exceptions to the Federal Critical Infrastructure list in CA. The list may change. Please reference your local county and/or city website for any local restrictions.

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