Mobile Recruiting Software Puts Your Jobs In Front of Every Generation

Posted by onepoint-admin on Apr 30, 2019 8:45:34 AM

In today’s tight labor market, recruiting and hiring quality employees is more competitive than ever. With the explosion of jobs boards, social media and review sites like glassdoor, attracting employees is more complex than ever. Unfortunately what employers and job seekers actually want is simplicity. Job seekers in every generation are increasingly using mobile devices to research for jobs. 7 out of 10 times they will be using a mobile device (Indeed).   They want the  application process to be mobile as well.  When they click “apply” they expect to be able to complete the process quickly via the phone.  Employers will need to identify HCM and HRIS systems that offer mobile recruiting software options.

Mobile job search cuts across generations — not just with millennials

Today’s cliche depicts the Millennials as perpetually glued to their phones. But the data shows that there is much less disparity between the generations when it comes to mobile job searching. In fact, some research shows that while Millennials may be the most active on mobile — (Indeed found 78% used mobile devices to find jobs as of 2016) — Gen Xers aren’t far behind, with around 73% searching for work on mobile devices. And simply due to the prevalence of mobile, Baby Boomers have seen the highest rate of mobile job search adoption jumping from around 51.2 to 57.2% from 2014 to 2016.

Speed is important for the employer and the job seeker

Employers recognize the importance of speed in recruiting and hiring. But speed to apply for a job is also important for job seekers. Fifty-nine percent of respondents said they think they have a better chance of being considered for a job if they apply as soon as the job is posted online. Speed to post the job and the ability to accept applicants using a Mobile recruiting software experience can positively impact candidate quality. Even the delay of having to get back to a computer to apply for a job can deter qualified candidates for applying due to perception of delay.

Tech saavy job seekers have their resumes ready to go

As people adopt smartphone as the primary device for everything, job seekers are also taking advantage of cloud storage. Applying for the ‘dream job” on a moments notice, requires access to resumes via cloud storage like Box, Dropbox, Drive.  More integrated file share apps are empowering job seekers to be able to apply for any job anywhere. Storing resumes, cover letters, references and key documents in the cloud opens the ability to apply for a new job as soon as you find it right from a phone.

LinkedIn integrations also give your applicants a speedier way to apply for jobs. Most professionals that use LinkedIn keep profiles current with resume, work experience, credentials and portfolios etc. A solid LinkedIn integration makes mobile applications easier with the ability to populate basic profile and experience information automatically.

What to look for in a mobile recruiting software?

The mobile recruiting software should provide an identical applicant experience on mobile as on a desktop. This empowers candidates to apply for jobs at the moment they find the job post. Further look for integrations that can put open job requisition on into the career page and automatically post to job boards. Offering connections to professional networking sites like LinkedIn can also automate the data synch providing an easy application experience via mobile.

Here are some of the essential features employers need to require from a mobile recruiting software:

  • Mobile optimized job listings on your website
  • Mobile optimized online Application process
  • Automated resume upload
  • Advanced integrations to job boards (both paid and free)
  • Connections to LinkedIn to automate uploading work history and professional experience


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