OnePoint HCM creates custom utility tool to track employee vaccines and new health & safety obligations

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – In response to the post-pandemic workplace challenges facing business and HR teams, OnePoint HCM created a flexible tracking tool to simplify the vaccine tracking process. Utilizing our single-employee record HCM architecture, companies can configure and automate processes to empower employees to submit information via their self-service portal.

Besides halting commerce and business operations over the last year and a quarter, the pandemic has brought on unprecedented challenges for HR leaders. One such challenge is navigating all the government directives and new compliance obligations for tracking COVID-related information. Most organizations created short-term workarounds to address myriad new laws and COVID-19 regulations. However, as these requirements continue to evolve, companies need more automated tools that allow them to gather and track relevant health information more easily, all of which is an important step in protecting the health of employees and normalizing the return-to-work process.

“When launching our Vaccine Tracking tool, our goal was to create several different collection options that our clients could implement using our configurable HCM platform. Busy HR teams simply cannot thrive and support their strategic goals if they have to use several different manual processes to simply track data. With employees coming back to the office, organizing all the relevant Vaccination and Leave information into ONE PLACE creates efficiencies, and enables reliable reporting that managers of your multiple departments can use,” says David Miller, President of OnePoint.

Keeping a Pulse on Vaccinations Through HR-Centric Tracking Options

Different companies have different perspectives on employee self-service. But, when it comes to efficiency, empowering employees to update and submit information on their own can be a huge timesaver for lean HR teams. OnePoint’s vaccine tracking tools utilize self-service and can be configured to the process that makes most sense. The simplest automation is a triggered message to employees to enter their vaccine dates, vaccine manufacturer, and upload a picture of a completed vaccination card. This data is stored on their employee record with little need for administrative oversight. For companies that want a more turnkey process, there is a customized PTO category specifically for tracking administered vaccine dates and type. Building these processes inside the HCM platform centralizes access to reporting to comply with the recent FFRCA rules and tax credits for paid leave, if taken for COVID-19-related reasons. While mandating employees to receive the vaccine may not be the best idea, the PTO benefit may incentivize employees to get theirs and OnePoint offers a simple way to initiate and capture vaccine data.

Workflow configuration options in the system allow HR to outline the vaccine tracking steps for employees, and can route approvals directly to managers or supervisors. Credential management offers expiration notifications that can go directly to the employee and the supervisor/manager when it is time for a booster shot. Every report can be autogenerated or added to a visual dashboard. As Miller summarizes, “All-in-one HCM platforms open the possibility for automated workflows and notifications to allow for proactive monitoring and compliance notifications, effectively bringing your HR data to life.”

About OnePoint HCM All-in-One Workplace Health and Safety Tracking

Since the pandemic began, OnePoint has continued to introduce ways to harness our unified HCM platform to support new work conditions. Companies utilizing a single-database HCM platform, like OnePoint’s, have more flexibility to create new processes that capture employee health and wellness information to minimize risk, as well as checklists for health screening questions or a custom vaccine tracking process. These powerful tools (and more) allow HR administrators to adapt to new trends and compliance requirements quickly and with confidence. To learn more about OnePoint HCM, visit


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