R73 Enhancements improve timesheet and employee data management

Posted by onepoint-admin on Feb 15, 2021 11:38:37 AM

In release 73,  we continue to make improvements to the new time sheet experience.   The new timesheet was rolled out in release 71 (mid-2020) to accomplish full feature parity across all devices (mobile, desktop, and tablet). Since the initial launch, we have continued to develop the timesheet to improve usability.  We are excited to roll out enhancements that make it easier to see important timesheet metrics  and new employee profile menus that make it easier to navigate and make updates. 


The New Timesheet Enhancements

Timesheet Metrics  

This release we are excited to introduce timesheet metrics. Our definition of a timesheet metrics is similar to providing easy-to-find totals of key timesheet information.  This release, clients can configure up to four different metrics. They are:  

  • Time (Raw/Calc. + Filter Support)  
  • Counter (All types)  
  • Accrual Balances  
  • Exceptions (Count) 

These metrics are displayed at the top of the timesheet.  The metrics can be edited to provide totals based on time periods. View the time totals for the current week, the current timesheet, or the current day. In the future we plan to release other metrics such as scheduled hours, scheduled vs. actual hours, and lunch/break time.  We will make that you are aware of those timesheet enhancements when they are ready.   

timesheet metrics and totals display


Customized Columns 

After this release, you’ll also be able to customize the columns on the timesheet. This is a highly anticipated enhancement. Rearranging the column order on the timesheet gives you the ability to customize the overall look and arrange data for how you want to see it. This enhancement applies to both desktop and mobile versions. Not only can you customize the order of the columns, but you can choose to expand or collapse the columns as well. You now can configure and define the behavior you prefer when it comes to the columns: 

  • Always expand all days  
  • Only expand days with data; days with no data are collapsed  
  • Only expand current day; all other days are collapsed  


As a reminder there is still a “New Look Toggle” available for users to move between the new and classic experience. The toggle is there to help you become acquainted with the new look of the timesheet, but still be able to access the classic experience. The toggle will remain until R74, our April release. During the April release, the new timesheet will be the default look, and you will no longer be able to toggle to the classic experience.


Employee Profile Enhancements

Jump To Menu

The employee profile contains a lot of information sections organized in the main window.  The new Jump To menu enhancement provides a quick way to access the data widgets on the employee record in one place.  The Jump To bar appears on the left side of the screen and can be collapsed.  We like this feature as an alternative to having to look in the main page.  All the employee profile section are plainly displayed in an easy to read list when clicked opens the window for that section only keeping the other collapsed.

Employee Profile Jump to Menu

Profile/Settings Overlay

When making a change to the employee record, it might trigger a profile setting change.  For instance, if you needed to change the department or cost center for an employee that might trigger a change to their pay calculation or security setting on the profile/settings screen.


Employee Profile Setting Edit Window


Previously to do this meant that you would have to leave the cost center screen and go to Profiles/Settings screen.  This new enhancement allows administrators to enable the Profile/Settings screen as an overlay on the Employee Profile screen. 


Activate show profiles panel setting

With this feature enabled you can now work in any other employee section AND the profile/settings data at the same time.

Being able to work in the employee profile and the profiled setting screen simultaneously creates nice efficiency for administrators.   In the example above we are making a change to the employee’s manager and at the same time are able to also change the points profile because Kacey's new manager tracks points a different way.  You no longer need to use two separate screens to accomplish that now. 


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