Survive the Holiday Rush with Shift Swapping Upgrade in OnePoint HCM’s Employee Self-Service Portal

Posted by onepoint-admin on Nov 10, 2021 4:47:21 PM


OnePoint HCM has released a new employee self-service functionality in its Advanced Scheduler module just in time for the holiday season! Given that self-service has become a requisite in the gig economy, it behooves retailers or commercial businesses to arm their employees with the power in their OWN hands. In fact, many academic psychologists such as Frederic Herzberg, have argued that workers respond positively when they’re given more responsibility and authority in their daily tasks. In other words, people generally do well when they are given the freedom to control their own fate. Extending this idea to commerce, business owners who allow their employees to make their own choices for themselves tend to see higher rates of retention and foster better employee  loyalty and engagement.

OnePoint HCM Advanced Scheduler module empowers your employees to post their own requests for shift coverage, access the Open Shifts dashboard, and swap shifts automatically with approved team members. And the self-service portal allows eligible employees to access their schedules ANYTIME from ANY device when requesting shift swaps or coverage. This gives employees flexibility to adjust their workload without compromising staffing levels or skill requirements.


For example, the Shift Swap enhancement makes it really easy for managers to swap shifts when initially building the schedule. In the Day, Week, and Month views in the new UI, managers now have the option to swap selected shifts when two are selected. When doing so, the pop-up will display a “Swap Shifts” command option. This is helpful for managers who want to quickly switch shifts between two selected employees. Then the manager will be notified of any violations after the swap is completed, since all of the job constraint rules run in the background engine. This can help avoid unauthorized overages, provide shift consistency and balance, while limiting understaffing and/or incurring excessive overtime.


Overall, OnePoint’s HR technology solutions provide employees with the ability to access their employee information and take care of workforce management tasks easily and quickly. Our HCM technology also allows organizations to give employees autonomy, while rules and workflows ensure conformity to the operational needs and HR policies of the company. The employee can access the system with a wide range of self-service options from their device of choices. Some of the general self-service functionalities include:

  • Access pay statements and accruals
  • Request leave and/or PTO
  • Check schedules
  • Adjust availability and preferences
  • Log preferred shifts and availability
  • Swap shifts
  • Communicate with peers and managers

OnePoint’s Advanced Scheduling uses employee profiles and rules-based configurations to ensure consistent coverage, fill shifts efficiently, or measure schedule effectiveness. This allows your company to align its labor or workforce with demand and adhere to internal and regulatory policies. Read more of the benefits of Advanced Scheduling here: 

Additionally, OnePoint’s recently released employee self-service functionality for our Advanced Scheduler module empowers employees to post requests for coverage, access the open shifts dashboard, and swap shifts automatically with approved team members through any device. See the new Product Update here:




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