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Post Benefit Enrollment ChecklistOpen enrollment season is a hectic time for many HR departments. Visions of paper pushing, form submissions, carrier bill auditing, employee communications, meetings….(not to mention more paperwork) floods your mind!

Does this sound like your open enrollment season? If yes, then, you are ready to for a new benefit management system!


Are you buried in brochures, spreadsheets,

forms and paperwork?

The traditional enrollment process is a an avalanche of paper and forms. Printing out benefit plans, enrollment forms, and comparison charts are time consuming and costly. To close enrollment all those forms come back by hand, via email, scans, etc. requiring manual auditing to make sure they are complete and then print again to submit to your carrier!

Our benefit management system creates a seamless enrollment experience for employees and administrators to minimize the paperwork and streamline enrollment and auditing giving you more time to focus on employee communication and guidance.

  • Load your benefit plans and premiums into the system.
  • Employees can review, compare and enroll in plans.
  • System alerts incomplete or unacceptable elections.
  • Digital signatures capture completed submission with time and date stamps.
  • For administrators real-time dashboards show outstanding items by employee and automate reminders and alerts.



Is managing and updating disparate systems stressing you out?

 Do you have a database for benefits and one for payroll? Maybe you are using static spreadsheets to pass data back and forth? Logging in to multiple systems and various spreadsheets to obtain the information needed for benefits enrollment is time consuming. And keeping multiple systems in sync with the accurate information, plan data, withholding information, etc. creates inefficiencies and can be error prone which just means more stress for HR/Benefits department.

OnePoint benefit management system is seamlessly integrated within our all-in-one human capital management solution. One platform and one employee record shares enrollment information and any changes across the entire platform. Employee’s enroll in the plan of their choice, Completed enrollment reports are ready for HR/brokers/carriers, deductions flow over to payroll without emails or extra data entry. ACA compliance is easily audited.


Enrollment is over, Are you faxing and mailing in stacks of forms to the


Carrier connectivity means improved accuracy and elimination of the paperwork. Don’t waste valuable time doing clerical tasks when there is a ton of other HR duties to concern yourself with! By the time you scan all you have a open enrollment meeting with all your employees, gather all their enrollment forms and waivers, scan and email them to the carrier...40 hours has passed and you weren’t able to get to that harassment investigation you are obligated to complete PROMPTLY.

With OnePoint benefit management system establish direct connections with hundreds of carriers (medical, dental, vision, 401K, FSA, ect), and your carrier is automatically informed of the life change submission without the paperwork.  Check out our newly released 180 and 360 connections for 401k plans.


Take control of benefits enrollment with OnePoint:

Are you ready to transform benefits enrollment from a paper hurricane into a streamlined process? Our unified platform eliminates the common headaches and frustrations administrators encounter and frees up time to devote toward employee communication and guidance, not paperwork.

Self-service provides a more convenient experience for employees. One system creates efficiency and improves accuracy. Carrier connection streamline enrollment for faster, more accurate and submissions.

Contact us to set up a preview of our benefit management system today. Learn how our end-to-end benefit management system seamlessly connected to our full suite HCM solution can produce efficiencies and cost savings for benefits enrollment and across your entire organization.

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