Use Strategic HCM to Improve Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Posted by onepoint-admin on Aug 5, 2019 12:22:50 PM

The competition for talent is at a premium. Companies are struggling to hire top individuals and retain experienced personnel. To avoid turnover and attract high performing employees, businesses are implementing employee engagement strategies including promoting from within and consulting with employees to show how valued and indispensable they are to the business indicatives.

Employee engagement remains an important measurement of motivation, and productivity. It’s solidified its place as a key indicator of how successful your business will be. A recent Gallup study reveals that there is a 21% higher productivity rate for employees who are engaged than those who are not.

New business solutions like HCM platforms are reinventing the ways HR departments have typically operated. These platforms offer several ways to reduce the amount of manual HR administrative tasks freeing time for strategic people initiatives like employee development and retention programs. Employee engagement is a serious game-changer in your business. The right strategic HCM solution should provide the tools and resources your people need to remain successful.

What to Look for In HCM Solution to facilitate Employee Engagement:

Real-time Data Access and Visibility

Technology can be an effective tool and a hub to facilitate communication between HR, managers and employees. The best HCM technologies empower employees with easy access to their employee record with intuitive self-service to handle routine tasks like reviewing pay statements, requesting PTO and reviewing benefits on their own time. Providing a single view employees experience to see their data, performance, preferences, benefits etc. provides a superior user experience over having to email HR with questions or having to remember logins to multiple systems for this information. From basic workflows, easy notification tools and performance management good HCM solutions bridge the gap between HR and the organization can have a significant impact on employees, boost employee morale, and subsequently keep them engaged on the job.

Performance & Development

Employees go to work to perform the job functions you hired them to do. But in many organizations the ability to track performance is not centralized and can lead to disconnect between performance and its impact on the company. Employees know when individuals are going above and beyond or just maintaining the status quo, and workplace engagement can suffer when everyone is treated the same.

Organizations that harness HCM solutions to elevate employee performance can create a workplace culture that recognizes top performers using HCM analytics.  Employees are more likely to remain engaged in their positions if recognized for their achievements and achievements are fact based and applied consistently. Having the right HR solutions in place to gauge efficacy, and recognize/reward outstanding results will make such efforts - well effortless. Whether acknowledging a team accomplishment or one’s dedicated performance, celebrate the driving workforce behind your success.

Empower Employees

Their opinion matters. And what matters most is that employee know the can share their opinions. One of the best ways to keep employees engaged is by giving them a chance to influence how things are done. Create a culture of openness and approachability using your HCM solution by encouraging feedback and taking ideas and comments seriously. Engage your people in eliminating waste, reducing complexity, and streamlining their work. They are closest to the action; get them involved in making their work better, more enjoyable and more effective.

Employee Self-service

As touched upon in Data access and Visibility, the best HCM solutions will integrate employee self-service tools to streamline processes and tasks. Your employees are most engaged when they focus the aspects of their work they enjoy. Eliminating complicated approval processes, manual HR tasks, and ad hoc HR inquiries will make work more enjoyable.

HCM solutions like OnePoint provide the simplicity and connectivity essential to empower today’s workforce. Mobile ready self-service capabilities lets employees accomplish HR tasks and actions quickly so they can get back to doing what they like. Streamlining processes and offering easy access on mobile devices improves workforce engagement and it empowers your employees.

OnePoint HCM provides the unified HCM solution that allow you to connect workforce data to key employee engagement metrics. Studies have shown that engaged employees are more productive and less likely to leave the company. So, utilizing HCM solution to track and measure can lead to better decisions about your personnel, employee development, coaching and succession planning. From workflows and automation to document repositories and retrievals, data archives and insightful reporting, maximize your technology and HCM partner to eliminate the stress of HR . Contact us to learn more about our unified HCM platform and workforce analytics to track engagement

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